History of Badminton

The history of badminton stretches way back into the 19th century in British India, however it is rarely played in India in modern times. The games traditionally British roots has left it becoming one of the most popular sports in the 2000’s and 2010’s. In actual fact, as recently as 1992 badminton was not actually regarded as being an Olympic sport – but now it is. It is the second most popular racket sport in the country, behind tennis obviously. There have been many British Olympians that have competed and won medals at the Olympics. Europeans are also very keen on playing badminton too, it is typically dominated by Denmark but outside of Europe there are many Asian countries that perform exceptionally well too. Examples of some of these Asian countries include China, South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong too. We have seen some serious competition from these countries in recent years, there have been a total of five separate competitions in the Olympics, men’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s singles, women’s doubles and the mixed doubles too.

History of Badminton

In 2012 at the Chinese Olympic games the Chinese Badminton team won 5 of the events, yes, all of them. They really have started to do extremely well since the sport began to get popular over there, back in 2004 they didn’t win any of the events. In 2008 they managed to make the finals of three and then in 2012, total domination. The sport requires people to have very quick reactions, stamina for running around the pitch constantly, players must be very agile too and they must ensure that they are very precise with each and every single shot. Badminton is a game of skill, it is very difficult to play and requires so much technical ability too. Men are generally not as good at the sport as women, but they are definitely catching up now. This is because women are quicker, more agile and usually have a better shot on them too. Strength plays very little in this game, it is much more about aiming well and being tactical, out maneurvering and aiming the opponent – much alike modern first person shooter video games on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Badminton In The UK

Badminton is a brilliant sport, let me just say that right from the off. I have been playing the game for almost ten years now, from when I was a little boy, right through all of my teenage years and into adulthood. I fully intend on staying in the sport as long as my body permits it and I am so into the sport that I am actually worried about what might happen to my fitness when I go travelling. Yes, you heard that correctly, I’m going to be travelling around the world. I’m not too sure when it is going to happen, but I will be packing my PS4, Xbox One and other consoles away for the season, putting my racquet down and simply getting on a plane to nowhere. What could possibly be better than that, hey?


Anyway, this post was designed for me to tell you all a little bit about the sport that I love, it’s fairly easy for anybody to get into. So for all of the parents out there that are wondering about whether or not it is an ideal sport for getting their children into, let me tell you right now, it is. It is a fantastic sport that has a lot of history, the most common types of badminton include singles and doubles. They really do stand for what you would expect, in singles there is a single player with a racquet, in doubles there are two players – per team – each with a racquet. It is usually played outside, however when you are watching it on the tv at a competitive level you will see that it is actually played inside a fair amount too.

The whole idea in badminton is to score points by hitting the shuttlecock with the racquet and making it hit the floor on the other side of the badminton court. One of the key rules in badminton is that each team or player in singles can only hit the shuttlecock once while it is on their side of the court. If a player strikes the shuttlecock twice they will be penalised and lose a point – this is really not ideal. This simple concept is relatively easy for children to pick up and so it’s a really good game to get them into, boys and girls alike. The shuttlecock itself is a very light cone shaped object, it used to be made out of feathers in the past, however it is now made out of a form of feathered plastic and it is very easy to strike. One thing that must be