Gaming Whilst Travelling

So I managed to pack away my playstation 4 and Xbox one in about 15 minutes, I’m preparing to go on my travels now and think that I’m going to be leaving fairly shortly. Badminton has been fun over the past month or so, but I’m not going to be playing it all that often when I’m away. A lot of people have been messaging me on social media and are asking what my favourite console actually is, I’m happy to tell everyone that it is certainly the PS4 after I learnt how to jailbreak it. I also managed to use a PSN code generator to get some free PSN coins and now I can play any game that I want to, completely free! It’s a brilliant experience you get on the PS4, players are generally much nicer, there seems to be a more diverse selection of games compared to the Xbox One and I think the games are usually cheaper too! If I’m wrong on any of the above points then please do correct me, I would hate to be posting incorrect statements on my blog.

Anyway, if anybody is up for some games sometime then please get into contact with me on the PSN network, there’s an awful lot of us who are playing at the moment. As it stands we mainly play sports games such as Badminton 2016 or Badminton World, however we are totally up for diversifying the amount of games that we play too. I think there’s probably 50 people who have been reading my blog in the past 2 weeks who have thought they could beat me at the latest badminton PS4 games, but that is not the case, I always get people asking me for a 1 versus 1 competition but they rarely ever show up. I think that the competition out there is fairly competitive, but without actually playing against some people it’s hard for me to actually know where I stand.

PS4 vs Xbox One

I’m thinking that I will give a few people a game in a competition on the Xbox in the next two months, then after that I want to go travelling and probably wont be touching a video gaming console for quite a while. I’ve got to go out with a bang though, I can’t be losing two or three games in a row right before I go – I have some sort of pride in my ability to game! What do you all think about my prospects moving forward anyway, am I going to be a successful travel blogger once I pack my stuff up and leave or am I going to fail miserably like I have done in the past. I know that I’m going for a significantly longer period of time this time, but I hope I’ll be out there long enough to change that once and for all.

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