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After my last post I had an awful lot of people asking me for a little bit more information on the history of Badminton, apparently I did not give enough information about it but I will try to do so now. Essentially badminton was the first major game that used shuttlecocks as a replacement for the typical ball based sports like tennis. Despite this, shuttlecock games have been played for many centuries now throughout Europe and also Asia too. The modern game of badminton, while initially developed in the early 19th century has changed so much over the years, it is not really recognizable as the sport it once was back in the day. The British variant was developed from the old school game called battledore and shuttlecock.

The name Battledore sounds like some sort of non player character from a video game, however it is actually an old term for the word racket. While badminton developed in the old British empire and more specifically British India. It was very popular among the British residents in India and with Indians too. It peaked in interest in the 1870’s and 1880’s but continued to grow as a sport in the form of ball badminton, this is completely different to using a shuttlecock as we do today. In the ball badminton variant a wool or woolen ball was used instead, the effect of this was that the ball would fall to the ground quicker than a feathered shuttlecock – this made it far harder for people because they had to react much quicker, however the woolen ball that was used was a lot bigger and easier to see when moving at a high velocity. The game was being played in India in a place called Thanjavur in the mid 1800’s but also traversed across the entirety of India by the 1900’s. Way back in the day badminton as we know it today wasn’t actually called badminton, instead it was called Poona or Poonah, this resembles the PlayStation 4 game Poona.

PS4 and Xbox One badminton games have been developed consistently throughout the past twenty years, however none have been done better than Badminton 2016 by EA Sports on the PS4. This game sold over 2 million units in under two weeks, this is quite a feat for such an unknown sport in many regions of the world, including North America that typically prefers tennis as its sport of choice, using either a tennis ball or badminton shuttlecock. The sport was originally played under the Pune rules of India until around 1890 when the sports governing body of the time decided to change the rules significantly and then it was played under the newly formed BAE rules. This then remained relatively consistent for the following 20 years until 1910 and then changed once again in the 1950’s too.

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