Scrap Metal Recycling in Canada and the UK

It is estimated that 10 million tonnes of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal are recycled in Canada annually (Natural Resources Canada, 2007a) with an estimated 92% of appliances and 98% of cars recycled (Canadian Appliance Manufacturers Association, Hanson Research + Communications and Hilkene International Policy, 2005; Canadian Steel Producers Association, 2007a). In Alberta, 95,916 tonnes of ferrous metal, 11,447 tonnes of mixed metal, and 12,108 tonnes of white goods were collected by either a private sector hauler or a local government organization for recycling in 2004 (Statistics Canada, 2007). Canada’s metal recycling sector is both mature and extensive, comprising in excess of 2,800 businesses (Natural Resources Canada, 2007b).

Virtually every major Canadian community has local metal processors. Given the enormous global demand for scrap metal, the value of all scrap metal types have never been as high as they are now. For more information about the trade in recycled metals, consult the 2005 Canadian Minerals Yearbook. The most recycled material in the world is steel, with more recovered annually in Canada than aluminum, glass, and paper combined (Canadian Steel Producers Association, 2007a). Steel is also recycled five times more than the sum of all other metals (e.g., aluminum, copper, lead, nickel, chromium, and zinc) (Canadian Steel Producers Association, 2007b).

In Canada, steel has a recycling rate of more than 65% and – like all metals – is 100% recyclable (Canadian Steel Producers Association, 2007a). Two processes are used to make steel: the Basic Oxygen Furnace and the Electric Arc Furnace, utilizing a minimum of 25% recycled steel and nearly 100% recycled steel, respectively (Dofasco, 2007). Steel recycling contributes to an energy savings equivalent of electrically powering one-fifth of Canadian households for one year, and reduces demand for virgin resources; every ton of steel recycled saves 2,500 lbs of iron ore, 1,400 lbs of coal, and 120 lbs of limestone (Canadian Steel Producers Association, 2007b). Every tonne of primary aluminum requires many different inputs including but not limited to 5,168 kg of bauxite, 159 kg of caustic soda, 349 kg of petrol coke, and 40.5 cubic metres of water (International Aluminum Institute, 2003).

From an energy use perspective, every tonne of rolled aluminum made from virgin inputs requires about 120 gigajoules (GJ) (ICF Consulting, 2005). The energy use for the same rolled product using 100% recycled feedstock is about 17 GJ per tonne. The energy savings are therefore 103 GJ (or 95,790 cubic feet of gas) when aluminum scrap is recycled. In comparison, the average Canadian home uses about 148 GJ per year (Canadian Residential Energy End-use Data and Analysis Centre, 1997). Recycling Council of Alberta August 2007 Page 8 3 Benefits of Recycling Scrap Metal Scrap metal recovery has numerous benefits:

1) Saves energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions

2) Conserves natural resources and reduces the impact of resource extraction on the environment

3) Reduces landfill waste, including old cars and discarded household items

4) Creates employment opportunities

5) Contributes to community pride (improves aesthetics, as less scrap metal is left along roadsides or on private property) 4 Related Regulations and Requirements – This section discusses regulations relevant to scrap metal recycling, including environmental acts, regulations relating to hazardous waste disposal at landfills, and transportation cargo securement.

To know about the different types of recycling scrap metal

When we think about the recycling then we probably goes to the newspapers, plastic bottles and glass containers. Apart from this you can recycle the most valuable types of scrap metal like copper, iron, titanium and aluminum. Because scrap material have the wide variety of recyclable materials and metal is the perfect material for recycling. Benefits of recycling the scrap metal include lower need to carry out the mining and it will reduce the production cost for manufactures. At the same time you can distribute the high quality of metal across the world, scrap metal is extremely worth your time.

Types of Recycling Scrap material

Mostly recyclable materials are categorized into two types like

  1. Non ferrous Metals
  2. Ferrous Metals

Fortunately the scrap metals are comes into the categories of non ferrous but other than the iron and steel. Non ferrous metals like lead, brass, chromium, titanium, copper, aluminum, Zinc, nickel. At the same time cans and foil also included in the non ferrous recycling categories.

But in the ferrous categories have the steel and iron based metals and it will include the household appliance, railroad tracks, scrap from ships and other containers. So with the help of recycling you can get the new product and scrap metals are not decompose like other recycling materials. So you can recycle the product again and again, so you can get the new products.

How to recycle the scrap metal

As we know the benefits of recycling the scrap metals and before taking the scrap metal for recycling you have the separate the metal based on the type. Before recycle the scrap metal you must be familiar with the types of the scrap metal and the worth of the scrap metal. Determining the type of metal is the simple one; in case your metal is stick with the magnet then it is the ferrous type. Iron and steel can stick with the magnet; you can find the steel in the many products like cabinets and furniture. But ferrous metals are not that much worth when compared to the non ferrous. You can get less money for ferrous recycling. If the metals is not stick with the magnet then it is called as the non ferrous. As we know copper, brass, stainless steel is the some of the non ferrous materials. Copper will be found in the roofing materials, common electrical wires and pipes. Aluminum can be found in the cans, doors, siding as well as gutters. Brass is the very heavy metal and it can be found in a form of hardware and fixtures, keys and door knobs. Once you separate the scrap metals then you can call the local scrap yard because they will take care the recycling of scrap metals. So recycling gives the best benefit to you especially in the scrap metal. At the same time you can get the green environment with the help of the recycling, at the same you can get the new products.

Gaming Whilst Travelling

So I managed to pack away my playstation 4 and Xbox one in about 15 minutes, I’m preparing to go on my travels now and think that I’m going to be leaving fairly shortly. Badminton has been fun over the past month or so, but I’m not going to be playing it all that often when I’m away. A lot of people have been messaging me on social media and are asking what my favourite console actually is, I’m happy to tell everyone that it is certainly the PS4 after I learnt how to jailbreak it. I also managed to use a PSN code generator to get some free PSN coins and now I can play any game that I want to, completely free! It’s a brilliant experience you get on the PS4, players are generally much nicer, there seems to be a more diverse selection of games compared to the Xbox One and I think the games are usually cheaper too! If I’m wrong on any of the above points then please do correct me, I would hate to be posting incorrect statements on my blog.

Anyway, if anybody is up for some games sometime then please get into contact with me on the PSN network, there’s an awful lot of us who are playing at the moment. As it stands we mainly play sports games such as Badminton 2016 or Badminton World, however we are totally up for diversifying the amount of games that we play too. I think there’s probably 50 people who have been reading my blog in the past 2 weeks who have thought they could beat me at the latest badminton PS4 games, but that is not the case, I always get people asking me for a 1 versus 1 competition but they rarely ever show up. I think that the competition out there is fairly competitive, but without actually playing against some people it’s hard for me to actually know where I stand.

PS4 vs Xbox One

I’m thinking that I will give a few people a game in a competition on the Xbox in the next two months, then after that I want to go travelling and probably wont be touching a video gaming console for quite a while. I’ve got to go out with a bang though, I can’t be losing two or three games in a row right before I go – I have some sort of pride in my ability to game! What do you all think about my prospects moving forward anyway, am I going to be a successful travel blogger once I pack my stuff up and leave or am I going to fail miserably like I have done in the past. I know that I’m going for a significantly longer period of time this time, but I hope I’ll be out there long enough to change that once and for all.

Badminton Video Games

After my last post I had an awful lot of people asking me for a little bit more information on the history of Badminton, apparently I did not give enough information about it but I will try to do so now. Essentially badminton was the first major game that used shuttlecocks as a replacement for the typical ball based sports like tennis. Despite this, shuttlecock games have been played for many centuries now throughout Europe and also Asia too. The modern game of badminton, while initially developed in the early 19th century has changed so much over the years, it is not really recognizable as the sport it once was back in the day. The British variant was developed from the old school game called battledore and shuttlecock.

The name Battledore sounds like some sort of non player character from a video game, however it is actually an old term for the word racket. While badminton developed in the old British empire and more specifically British India. It was very popular among the British residents in India and with Indians too. It peaked in interest in the 1870’s and 1880’s but continued to grow as a sport in the form of ball badminton, this is completely different to using a shuttlecock as we do today. In the ball badminton variant a wool or woolen ball was used instead, the effect of this was that the ball would fall to the ground quicker than a feathered shuttlecock – this made it far harder for people because they had to react much quicker, however the woolen ball that was used was a lot bigger and easier to see when moving at a high velocity. The game was being played in India in a place called Thanjavur in the mid 1800’s but also traversed across the entirety of India by the 1900’s. Way back in the day badminton as we know it today wasn’t actually called badminton, instead it was called Poona or Poonah, this resembles the PlayStation 4 game Poona.

PS4 and Xbox One badminton games have been developed consistently throughout the past twenty years, however none have been done better than Badminton 2016 by EA Sports on the PS4. This game sold over 2 million units in under two weeks, this is quite a feat for such an unknown sport in many regions of the world, including North America that typically prefers tennis as its sport of choice, using either a tennis ball or badminton shuttlecock. The sport was originally played under the Pune rules of India until around 1890 when the sports governing body of the time decided to change the rules significantly and then it was played under the newly formed BAE rules. This then remained relatively consistent for the following 20 years until 1910 and then changed once again in the 1950’s too.

PS4 Jailbreak

Right so here I am today watching H1Z1 on my computer, getting ready to go to one of my last days at work before I really start to plan my adventure around the world. I have spent almost three years preparing for this trip, playing and training young players how to play badminton to raise some extra cash. Ultimately my real world job did not pay enough for me to make any sort of headway into saving for the round the world trip, but I am finally there now. It has been a long and arduous journey but I am so glad to have finally made it. Nothing can make me feel any better or any more proud than I am today, I’m extremely happy with my progress, I have learn to many things and come so far. At times I thought that I would never make it, but now I know that I can do anything if I put my mind to it one hundred percent of the time. I’m going to be travelling to India, I want to see the Taj Mahal and where badminton originated back in the day. I will be selling instructions of how to jailbreak PS4 consoles and also how to jailbreak Xbox One consoles too. The most recent Xbox One Jtag is far more advanced than the one I was using previously, it boots up in under 15 minutes and can be used really easily too. I learnt how to do it here.

The number of games that are available in recent years has exponentially increased and will continue to do so as more and more people become affiliated with the latest releases. I think that within the next five or so years we will have around half a million people with Xbox One jailbreaks too. I can’t imagine that we are ever going to go back to the dark days where people don’t have any experience in doing this simple procedure to consoles. I mean, it is pretty ridiculous that it has taken almost 10 years for us to progress such a small amount. If it takes as long again I don’t think I’ll be sticking around for many more years, it’s almost too difficult to convince people to try to do anything these days. I remember back when I used to play WoW in the past and we had similar issues with some of our guild members. I eventually ended up quitting the game because there wasn’t enough active members on our server anymore. Now I just play badminton, blog a little bit on the side about my life and what I’m doing with myself, but I don’t think gaming is going to be quite the same anymore. I hope you guys reading this understand where I’m coming from and appreciate that English isn’t my first language, I’ve tried to convey what I want to in the most simple terms but I realise that it is easily lost in translation at times.

History of Badminton

The history of badminton stretches way back into the 19th century in British India, however it is rarely played in India in modern times. The games traditionally British roots has left it becoming one of the most popular sports in the 2000’s and 2010’s. In actual fact, as recently as 1992 badminton was not actually regarded as being an Olympic sport – but now it is. It is the second most popular racket sport in the country, behind tennis obviously. There have been many British Olympians that have competed and won medals at the Olympics. Europeans are also very keen on playing badminton too, it is typically dominated by Denmark but outside of Europe there are many Asian countries that perform exceptionally well too. Examples of some of these Asian countries include China, South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong too. We have seen some serious competition from these countries in recent years, there have been a total of five separate competitions in the Olympics, men’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s singles, women’s doubles and the mixed doubles too.

History of Badminton

In 2012 at the Chinese Olympic games the Chinese Badminton team won 5 of the events, yes, all of them. They really have started to do extremely well since the sport began to get popular over there, back in 2004 they didn’t win any of the events. In 2008 they managed to make the finals of three and then in 2012, total domination. The sport requires people to have very quick reactions, stamina for running around the pitch constantly, players must be very agile too and they must ensure that they are very precise with each and every single shot. Badminton is a game of skill, it is very difficult to play and requires so much technical ability too. Men are generally not as good at the sport as women, but they are definitely catching up now. This is because women are quicker, more agile and usually have a better shot on them too. Strength plays very little in this game, it is much more about aiming well and being tactical, out maneurvering and aiming the opponent – much alike modern first person shooter video games on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Badminton In The UK

Badminton is a brilliant sport, let me just say that right from the off. I have been playing the game for almost ten years now, from when I was a little boy, right through all of my teenage years and into adulthood. I fully intend on staying in the sport as long as my body permits it and I am so into the sport that I am actually worried about what might happen to my fitness when I go travelling. Yes, you heard that correctly, I’m going to be travelling around the world. I’m not too sure when it is going to happen, but I will be packing my PS4, Xbox One and other consoles away for the season, putting my racquet down and simply getting on a plane to nowhere. What could possibly be better than that, hey?


Anyway, this post was designed for me to tell you all a little bit about the sport that I love, it’s fairly easy for anybody to get into. So for all of the parents out there that are wondering about whether or not it is an ideal sport for getting their children into, let me tell you right now, it is. It is a fantastic sport that has a lot of history, the most common types of badminton include singles and doubles. They really do stand for what you would expect, in singles there is a single player with a racquet, in doubles there are two players – per team – each with a racquet. It is usually played outside, however when you are watching it on the tv at a competitive level you will see that it is actually played inside a fair amount too.

The whole idea in badminton is to score points by hitting the shuttlecock with the racquet and making it hit the floor on the other side of the badminton court. One of the key rules in badminton is that each team or player in singles can only hit the shuttlecock once while it is on their side of the court. If a player strikes the shuttlecock twice they will be penalised and lose a point – this is really not ideal. This simple concept is relatively easy for children to pick up and so it’s a really good game to get them into, boys and girls alike. The shuttlecock itself is a very light cone shaped object, it used to be made out of feathers in the past, however it is now made out of a form of feathered plastic and it is very easy to strike. One thing that must be